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El Manar For Metallic and Engineering Industries is one of the pioneers that working in the medical field because we are manufacturing the BED HEAD UNIT according to the international standards and based on our care on the products’ quality, most of the Egyptian & Arabian hospitals are in business relation accordingly.
Our medical products are made of the highest quality aluminum which coated with Electrostatic not that only but our products have many advantages such as
o    all the electricity wires passed through plastic tray in order to avoid any electricity danger .o    All units have a direct and indirect lighting with a chrome reflector in order to increase and focus the unit lighting.o    Our units is so secure as its electricity is a separated than the Medical Gas Pipeso    Our units have many shapes horizontal and vertical to be matched with all the hospitals in Egypt and Arab Countries.Some of our Clients in egypt- El Borg Hospital – Mohandessin- El Shrook Hospital – Mohandessin- El Maadi military hospital

– El Nakhil Hospital – Maadi

– El Mounira Hospital – Sayeda Zainab

– Kitchener Hospital – Shubra

– Heart Institute – Imbaba

– October 6 University Hospital

– El Ahrar Hospital – Zagazig

– El Malki Hospital – Alexandria

– El Zuheiry Hospital – Manyal

– Armed Forces Training Center – El Zyton

– Chest Academy – Abaseya

– Heart Institute – Imbaba

– Forced Army Training Center

– Suez Hospital

– Educational Hospital in Zagazig

– Tumers Institute- Kasr Ainy

– Naser Hospital – Bany Sewef

– International Sharm El Sheikh Hospital

-badran hospital in mohandesen.

-dar el teb hospital.

-elmarwa hospital in dokki.

-al nakhil hospital in maadi.

– al obour hospital in zagazig.

– nour al shrouk hospital in al shrouk city.

– al hekma  hospital in rasheed


We also export to Yemen, sudan ,and Jordan